Meeting the Digital Service Standad

Government Analytics, delivered by Internetrix, is a solution closely aligned with many of the expected criteria set out by the DTA Digital Service Standard. Government Analytics will assist your agency in meeting the following criteria items;

  1. Criteria 1: Understand user needs
  2. A greater breadth of data collection and custom reports will allow you to better understand user intention, identify key points of user struggle to deliver proactive support and improve user experience.
  1. Criteria 4: Understand tools and systems
  2. You will be able to provide clear measurement KPIs on users' digital experience, while also delivering constant evaluation and improvement of their experiences.
  1. Criteria 5: Make it secure
  2. An implementation of Government Analytics includes built in tagging logic and product business rules and configuration to control data collection aimed at prevention of the collection of sensitive information and or personally identifiable information by the product. The account structure is also configured to easily be able to destroy sensitive data that has been erroneously collected or collected during the acceptance testing process.
  1. Criteria 7: Use open standards and common platforms
  2. Government Analytics is a whole of government solution which can provide all agencies a common overview and the same deeper insights into users' behaviour allowing for a whole of government standard to be defined for reporting and user experience delivery.
  1. Criteria 9: Make it accessible
  2. Government Analytics is a framework built on top of Google Analytics, a free extensible web analytics product with huge volumes of online support and training material for easy adoption. Google Analytics works in all browsers with cookies enabled. For browsers without cookies, Internetrix can provide a custom solution workaround.
  1. Criteria 10: Test the services
  2. The user struggle monitoring functionality of Government Analytics allows for proactive alerting and provides analysts with the ability to uncover content, website features and website functionality that are negatively impacting the servicing of their digital users. The tag management container structure allows for rollback and staging vs production instances of configuration and data collection to allow for effective testing and Q&A processes.
  1. Criteria 11: Measure performance
  2. Government Analytics provides an analysis standard for all digital interaction with website users. The configuration is built with custom reporting, dashboard and alerting to ensure relevant performance metrics are available for analysis. Internetrix follows the evolution of the Digital Service Standard to ensure Government Analytics continues to meet the latest standards and provides the ability to report on relevant KPIs. Using the Google Analytics API, Government Analytics delivers reporting data as required, including to publically available reporting and dashboarding interfaces.
  1. Criteria 13: Encourage everyone to use the digital service
  2. An implementation of Government Analytics will provide agencies deeper insights into the user experience allowing for optimisation of the users' digital experience. While this will not move users to the digital environment, it will help eliminate customer struggle points making the digital experience a more enjoyable experience and encourage digital users to return and continue using that medium.

Government Analytics does not address all the expected criteria items of the Digital Service Standard, but will provide insight and the required reporting mechanisms for Federal Government Agencies to meet all criteria related to understanding and improving the users' digital experience. it will also provide a vehicle for effective Showcase reporting.