Solution Packages

Internetrix provides three options for Government Analytics packages for Australian Federal Government Agencies. All packages can be delivered for Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360 (former Premium) accounts.

Internetrix offers the following packages for Australian Government Agencies. These packages are designed to provide a tiered approach to understanding the agencies' current web analytics situation and the pathway required to meet the DTA's Digital Services Standard for the digital user experience tracking and reporting.

Meeting the Standard Package

The Government Analytics Meeting the Standard Package is designed to deliver a comprehensive solution for government agencies looking for a solution partner to help with their analytics assessment, an implementation strategy, implementation delivery or support, account configuration and product training to ensure the relevant team members are prepared to continue to deliver an ongoing high-quality experience for the website users. This package will provide a solution that will help the agency meet 10 of the 14 criteria and provide insight into the effectiveness of the delivery of the other 4 criteria. A Meet the Standard Package is what all agencies need to adhere to the expectations of the Digital Transformation Agency.

Assessment Preparation Package

The Government Analytics Assessment Preparation Package is designed to deliver a tagging and account configuration solution for government agencies to help them prepare for their Alpha Assessment. The outcomes of the Assessment Preparation Package is delivery of a Recommendations and Implementation report that the agency analytics and technical teams can use to ensure their user experience tracking and analysis is ready to meet the new standard.

Training and Mentoring Package

The Government Analytics Training and Mentoring Package is a consulting engagement where Internetrix spends a day mentoring and training the agency on Google Analytics and identifying the areas and opportunities for the agency to improve in their journey to meet the digital service standard. The onsite consulting is an interactive process where Internetrix aims to impart product knowledge and an understanding of what is required for an agency to deliver a high-quality user experience that meets the DTA's Digital Service Standard.